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******************** Advantages

Why Lenders Funding?

  • We are Passive
    Transactions are managed by you without interference

  • We are professional
    We fully understand the marketplace

  • Participations can be repurchased by you at any time without penalty

  • We are flexible
    We will design a participation to fit the transaction.

  • We can be a source of new business for your company since we offer direct lending or factoring of accounts receivable.

About Lenders Funding

Lenders Funding is a private funding source for factors and asset based lenders (“Leads”). It purchases participations in their transactions on a non-recourse basis under a variety of flexible programs:

  1. It will enter into a Master Participation Agreement with a Lead, and thereafter purchase transactions simply by the execution of an Offer.

  2. It will enter into a participation agreement on a (i) fixed dollar amount, (ii) fixed percentage, (iii) last in first out, or (iv) pari passu basis.

This meets the needs of Leads which either:  (a) are running low on capital, or (b) have concentration issues.

  • Lenders Funding can provide the assurance Leads need in order to grow or take on new or larger customers.

  • As Leads increase their own source of funds for on-going transactions, they can retire Lenders Funding’s participation maximizing its own ability to earn fee income from factoring.

  • Since formation, Lenders Funding has worked with over 30 Leads and has supplied more than fifteen million dollars in funding. Robert Zadek has designed the quintessential legal documents that allow the Lenders Funding participation process to be painless and fair.

  • In addition to our participation program, Lenders Funding makes direct loans on real estate, machinery and equipment and accounts receivable. With offices on both the west and east coasts, Lenders Funding is perfectly positioned to help Leads realize their full potential.


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